Who We Are

Holbrook Paddock Eggs is family owned and operated by Sam and Prue Pincott with the assistance of their 4 young daughters. The hens are run on our property ‘Bellvue’ located near Holbrook, southern NSW. We have a great team of local staff and backpackers to assist us with the daily running of the business.

In 2010 we started out with 50 hens in a caravan. We had become disillusioned with mainstream farming and decided that we would trial using the hens as portable fertilisers for our pastures. We soon realised that 50 hens would have minimal impact on the paddocks so the business needed to grow. Now we have 10,000 laying hens and send fresh eggs to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and regionally every week. We are seeing significant positive changes in our farm pastures as a direct result of the hens.

A snap shot of US

  • 40 hens/hectare
  • Our Yolks are BRIGHTER and our Whites WHITER
  • No hormones or antibiotics are used
  • We do NOT debeak our hens
  • In 2017 we were accredited by PROOF – Pasture Raised On Open Fields
  • Leading the way as one of Australia’s first truely open-paddock, free roaming egg production system

Want to get your hands on our eggs?

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