Grass fed free range hens

Our grass fed Bond brown hens enjoy the true meaning of free range, as they are free to roam the paddocks as they please. Compared to the industry standard of 10,000 hens/hectare our stocking density is just 40 hens/hectare. The benefit of allowing the hens this freedom is a premium quality egg.

No hormones or antibiotics are used and with vibrant yellow/orange yolks our eggs are as natural as you can get.

Once a week we move the portable sheds which the hens lay and roost in. 8 Maremma dogs live with our hens providing protection from predators.

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Check us out on CluckAR

CluckAR is a revolutionary little tool from the CHOICE New Things Lab, inspired by CHOICE’s tireless campaigning for better, more meaningful free-range egg labelling.

with CluckAR, you can simply point your smartphone camera at a carton in the supermarket, and get a clear picture of which brands are selling eggs from the most chilled-out, happy hens. And it’s powered by CHOICE’s unbiased, up-to-date research, so you can be sure you’re getting independent advice on which eggs are worth, well, shelling out for.

WE MADE Choice's list of brands that meet the recommended model code of 1500 hens per hectare.

It’s not easy to find ‘real’ free range eggs.

In 2017 the government introduced a free range egg standard that fails consumers. The standard allows producers to pack 10,000 hens into a hectare with no mandate for hens to actually spend time outdoors. This is entirely in contrast to consumers’ expectations for free range eggs and the CSIRO’s Model Code of Practice, which says there should be a maximum of 1500 hens per hectare on an outdoor range.

Want to know more, and see how we meet Choice’s Model Code of Practice?

Our PROOF Certification

PROOF is an Australian certification program for free range, pastured eggs, pork, chicken beef and lamb from animals that have been raised on pasture in open fields.

The focus of PROOF certification is the on farm management of livestock in a farming system that provides unrestricted daytime access to actively managed, pastured ranges areas in an environment that encourages purposeful use of those areas.

The program is underpinned by standards that provide transparency and easy to understand information to our consumers.

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